Dark Room

Part two of the photography workshop, and I have to admit I really didn’t feel like I was in the mood when I started.  Afte a little brain storm and a walk up the stairs I had the idea to work with the photograph’s my grandma gave me over summer. I had worked with these before creating some faceless paintings. I thought I would experiment with this idea again working with exposed light to create ghostly images. By exposing the images for longer I learnt this produced a darker image. The more I did, the more practice I got at knowing how much light would create the perfect image. Around 30 seconds if I was using a photocopy sheet or if I was using an orginal photograph this would be thicker so would need around 50-60 seconds of light. After creating these images I began thinking about their meaning and how I can further them as pieces of work. Could I frame them? Project them? Create larger paintings? When talking with people on my course they have commented on the photo’s ghostly qualities. What I like about them is the bit you can see, the “something that isn’t there.” They are memories, and with memories you don’t always remember everything. What I was also thinking about, with the photographs being blurry it makes them private; the same way your most of your home life is a private affair.


Christmas Cards

Not exactly “contempary art” however I’ve started my christmas cards today! Wasn’t going to bother this year but then after speaking to my friend and then seeing the perfect paper I decided I would! Not going to put the finished product on here yet it would give it away to all the special people in my life who will be recieving them. I hope they all appreciate it, I’ve spent the entire day on them since 1’o’clock. I’ve done 18! I haven’t even wrote them yet! Still more to do, it’s worth it though. Here’s some sneaky pictures as clues.

Bright House

Today I just wanted to start to paint. I hadn’t done much actual work in the studio for a while and I had seen some work a while back at Nottingham Castle by Paul Crook http://www.celesteprize.com/member/idu:21240/ which I thought I could use as inspiration and get started! Paul Crook’s work is majority houses or flats with a pink glow. His work really appealed to me, I obviously like his subject choice; but the colours he uses sprang to mind warmth and happiness. I wanted to play with this use of colour. I often think about the idea of home and if it’s always such a happy place so I want to later paint a house using darker colours. Today I have used pastel colours on the house, focusing on yellow, orange and pink. I’m not completley sure about the blue sky although it adds the idea of “ideal home” which I was aiming for in this piece. I wanted the colours to make you feel happy and safe. I think the piece is still missing something, I don’t know what. Maybe some dripping paint? I did enjoy returning to painting on cardboard today, one idea which came from teh cardboard that I am really excited about is possibly painting over For Sale signs!! They could then be displayed in this way!

Writing with Light

On Monday started a new workshop in the dark rooms using photography. It was very exciting being in the dark rooms and developing my own photos. By exposing the light at different time lengths and using an object to block the light in some cases I created these images.   


Just going back a few days I watched the Pixar film UP on Sunday. Absolutely beautiful film! It filled me with warmth and also lots of ideas surprisingly! Just thinking back think I may have subconsciously created my own version of the house today in my painting! Hadn’t realised this still now. Anyway I really loved how we got the whole story of Carl’s house and how I found out how much he loved his house with all the objects and furniture meaning so much to him. This is want I want to get across in my practice. I want to show how as human beings we all create our own world in our home, differently within each culture too. Although for now I’m just sticking to the culture I know. I thought about creating rooms in the style of Dexter Dalwood’s paintings (nominated for the turner prize last year.) I also thought about a 3D aspect similar to the ornament on my background I was thinking about an exhibition space with many of these on plinths, because our home is our most prize possession.

My Studio Space So Far.

Now I’m at uni I finally have my own studio space! It’s so exciting, I’ve decided to start this blog to record the work I’ll be making there, along with the thought processes that go with it. I have previously wrote my own private journal recording my work and ideas but decided I am going to give blogging a go! So rather than go back too far describing my old work I’m going to start with what I’m doing now and including some photographs of what I’ve been up to on degree so far . I’m really enjoying the experimental side to the work. The work is not a set of finished pieces but instead a working process of  ideas.