Just going back a few days I watched the Pixar film UP on Sunday. Absolutely beautiful film! It filled me with warmth and also lots of ideas surprisingly! Just thinking back think I may have subconsciously created my own version of the house today in my painting! Hadn’t realised this still now. Anyway I really loved how we got the whole story of Carl’s house and how I found out how much he loved his house with all the objects and furniture meaning so much to him. This is want I want to get across in my practice. I want to show how as human beings we all create our own world in our home, differently within each culture too. Although for now I’m just sticking to the culture I know. I thought about creating rooms in the style of Dexter Dalwood’s paintings (nominated for the turner prize last year.) I also thought about a 3D aspect similar to the ornament on my background I was thinking about an exhibition space with many of these on plinths, because our home is our most prize possession.

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