Bright House

Today I just wanted to start to paint. I hadn’t done much actual work in the studio for a while and I had seen some work a while back at Nottingham Castle by Paul Crook which I thought I could use as inspiration and get started! Paul Crook’s work is majority houses or flats with a pink glow. His work really appealed to me, I obviously like his subject choice; but the colours he uses sprang to mind warmth and happiness. I wanted to play with this use of colour. I often think about the idea of home and if it’s always such a happy place so I want to later paint a house using darker colours. Today I have used pastel colours on the house, focusing on yellow, orange and pink. I’m not completley sure about the blue sky although it adds the idea of “ideal home” which I was aiming for in this piece. I wanted the colours to make you feel happy and safe. I think the piece is still missing something, I don’t know what. Maybe some dripping paint? I did enjoy returning to painting on cardboard today, one idea which came from teh cardboard that I am really excited about is possibly painting over For Sale signs!! They could then be displayed in this way!