Dark Room

Part two of the photography workshop, and I have to admit I really didn’t feel like I was in the mood when I started.  Afte a little brain storm and a walk up the stairs I had the idea to work with the photograph’s my grandma gave me over summer. I had worked with these before creating some faceless paintings. I thought I would experiment with this idea again working with exposed light to create ghostly images. By exposing the images for longer I learnt this produced a darker image. The more I did, the more practice I got at knowing how much light would create the perfect image. Around 30 seconds if I was using a photocopy sheet or if I was using an orginal photograph this would be thicker so would need around 50-60 seconds of light. After creating these images I began thinking about their meaning and how I can further them as pieces of work. Could I frame them? Project them? Create larger paintings? When talking with people on my course they have commented on the photo’s ghostly qualities. What I like about them is the bit you can see, the “something that isn’t there.” They are memories, and with memories you don’t always remember everything. What I was also thinking about, with the photographs being blurry it makes them private; the same way your most of your home life is a private affair.