A Blue House

Yesterday my aim was to paint another house. Originally I planned on creating a darker house using darker colours like browns greens black etc. However I found a pink piece of wood which I really wanted to work with. I could imagine the really colourful house looking great on the wood. I started dripping lots of white emulsion from the top. I felt it complimented the existing white marks on the wood. It also reminded me of artist’s work I’d seen inLondonat the Whitechapel; Wilhelm Sasnal, particularly his piece: Power plant inIran. He used oil paint in his work maybe I should experiment with this. I really struggled with the perspective in this piece. I challenged myself to a more 3D looking house with more perspective. Unfortunately the house was too thin at first and I still haven’t perfected the shape, it needs more work. I also puzzled over the colour I should use. In the end I went with pale blue colours and I hint of purple. I wasn’t sure what the colour said about the piece at first. Thinking about how I just titled this blog entry though I’m thinking it could be on the lines of the mood when someone is said to be feeling Blue. I think the colours work great with the bright pink and after looking back at the photos I think the darker door had more impact.


Turner Prize

Upset George Shaw didn’t win the Turner Prize! It would have been fantastic if a painter won this year. Especially one that has influenced my work so much over the last year. He’s the winner in my eyes and I’m so looking forward to see his work at the Baltic next week along with the other artists nominated for the prize! Lets see if the winner, Martin Boyce, can wow me with his work.