Late Update

With all the festivities I have let myself down with the blog! I haven’t even wrote about my trip up to the Baltic. But I’m back in Nottingham now and managed to get some written work done tonight so think I’ll do a quick update. First of all I just want to say how much of a winner George Shaw is to me!! Whilst in his exhibition space I really took in how much of an inspiration he has been to my work and how much I admire his skill in painting. I so wanted to buy his book but with little money I had I had to say no and just buy the Turner prize booklet instead. The information in there on George is fantastic though. I particulary like this paragraph.

“His paintings are always unpeopled, yet the human presence is percieved in the background, inscribed on a wall or just off to the side. Through the transition from photograph to painting, a quiet erasing takes place: people, cars, recent technologies like a new phonebox carefully edited out, removing those more definitive traces of time and place.”

The paintings are empty of time and life. I just think this is fantastic emotional painting.

I also have to admit that whilst viewing Karla Black’s piece I accidently walked straight through her work! The supervisor of the work told me off, but told me not to worry it happens all the time. Her work is made using bath bombs and I just didnt realise you couldn’t walk over the colourful floor. The supervisor also told me about a poor little girl who did the same as me however was a bit more excited by the whole thing and started climbing on it. The poor girl was on a school trip the teacher gave her a right telling off apparently. Bless. I mean the exhibition is a giant colourful playhouse in her eyes, how was she to know? I wondered if Karla Black would be happy to know people to reacted in this way. Surely she wants people to feel childlike and explore.

Anyway so new term tomorrow so hopefully lots more work on here!