Bit of inspiration from Susan Philipsz


Susan Philipsz, artist 
• If you have a good idea, stick to it. Especially if realising the project is a long and demanding process, try to keep true to the spirit of the initial idea.
• Daydream. Give yourself plenty of time to do nothing. Train journeys are good.
• Be open to your surroundings. I try to find inspiration in the character of the place I’m exhibiting in. It helps me if I can respond to something that is already there
.• Always have something to write with. I seldom draw these days, but I need a pen in my hand to think.
• I like reading and watching movies, but mostly I find that it’s things I have seen or read a long time ago that come back to me. The things that you found inspiring when you were starting out usually stay with you.
• Keep it simple.
• Be audacious.
• It doesn’t always have to make sense.
• I love silence. I can’t listen to music while I work and I need to be alone.• I go through messy phases and tidy phases. Being messy during a tidy phase is never good, and vice versa