It’s Crunch Time!

Right well as usual I have left things to last minute. Well that and that we also found out just last week that we had so much work to do. But I like working with a little panic. So this week is going to be a busy one in terms of doing work! I’ve been having some doubts about what I’ve been working on at the moment. But after a long night of planning, tonight I feel like I’ve sorted it all.

So I am still focusing on houses and their impact in our lives and society. On Wednesday I went for a walk around Nottinghamin search of some houses to photograph. I wanted to search out houses that I found in the “homes for sale” section in the newspaper but in the end I just found it would be easier to search out homes I saw for sale and then later I could find them on the internet, this way I found more houses in shorter space of time.  Now what I like about photographing houses for sale is that once I have photographed the house usually I’m only able to know the exterior of the house, but because it’s up for sale I can then look on the internet and see the inside of the house! This notion is something I am interested to show in my work because a home is a very private place and once you put it up for sale you are then making it a very public place. The idea of selling a home is something I have expanded on and I’ve been thinking about how it becomes the estate agents job  to try to sell you happiness. Everyone believes that a new home is a new start and an exciting beginning but artist’s work such as Rachel Whiteread’s “House” contradicts this. I have recently read a book on Rachel Whiteread’s House and some of the articles discuss that “home isn’t always a place of rest, sometimes it’s a place of work, conflict and entrapment.” and “it’s not just the utopian place of safety and shelter for which we supposedly yearn.” What I am trying to say when using bright colours to paint the houses is that when fancy packaging is used we are more likely to buy something, by using bright colours I am implying the house is a warm, safe and happy place. I’m selling you on the idea of happiness in the home. I’m asking you though whether this really is the case.

Now for the paintings I plan to do this week I have selected two which I particularly like. I think it is the shape of them that draws me towards the two. I used photoshop to change the hue and saturation etc in the images to create bright colourful houses. I have also saved the images of the insides of the houses onto my computer. When I saved them from the websites they saved in a Polaroid kind of style. I really liked this; it almost felt like they were memories of rooms. I did a lot of editing on photoshop playing around with what colours worked best together and if I was to paint both images would they look right together?

And lastly tonight I have drawn some sketches on brown paper which tomorrow I hope to test colours and areas that I plan to use colour on. I have also found artist Michael Raedecker whose work could be very influential on the brown paper pieces.

So here’s to this week lets hope I get at least one painting done! Exhibition on Monday!