Private Viewing

So exhibition piece is up! It went up on Monday and from the group tutorial I got a great response to the piece. I was pleased that the group asked the questions that I wanted them to ask about my work. Asking where the photos where taken? Did I take them? Whose house was it? I was pleased to hear that they picked up on the concept I was trying to input about the home being a private place and because I have now displayed the work in a gallery space I’ve made very public. I was also pleased that they noted the importance of the open glass frames which looked like an estate agents window display. This is what I wanted them to think. One person commented that she got annoyed that it was too much like advertising but I like that she thought this. It relates back to the ideas that an estate agent is selling happiness. I think there was controversy in the unfinished painting being placed along side the piece on the floor, on written feedback people were confused by it and one person commented saying it challenges your perception of the piece and asks whether the photographs really are as perfect as they seem.

Now the piece is very different to what I had first envisioned it would be last week. I was planning on doing a large scale painting but when I got to the studio I just did not feel the same way about the painting. I felt I was trying to say too much with one painting. I was selling happiness with the colours, possibly using text, I had decided to create a background using newspaper with the grids of houses for sale, I felt the house didn’t work on the background, I was very confused. I couldn’t see the house on a bigger scale anymore; I began to think the smaller pieces were at their best small. I decided to break my piece down; making it much simpler. Just using the inside photographs of the house next to its house number I hoped this would provoke questions asking who the house belongs too, where it was etc. The piece was much more conceptual and was a scary idea for me because I really like the concept behind the piece however it feels as though without doing a painting I am not doing as much as should or as if I’m cheating. But that’s contemporary art.

I feel the piece shows perfectly the point I am trying to make that a home is a very private place for us all, but once we put it up for sale it then becomes very public. The images are on the internet for us all to see. I decided to call the piece Private Viewing; a view into my private home so to speak. Yet it contracts this because the images aren’t private at all they are now very public.

Just as I was leaving the exhibition piece I moved my other unfinished painting underneath it just to move it out of the way so I could take it home the following day. When I saw it there I felt like it added something to the piece. On refection I decided to risk it and leave the painting there. I wasn’t sure how people will respond to it being there, especially being on the floor but thought I’d give it ago. I considered later on; because the piece isn’t finished and it’s just a shell of house, like Rachel Whiteread’s House, it is a house you can’t see into. It’s private.