The Promise of New Exciting Work..

Quick update on what I’m going to be up to in the next couple of months.. This is it formally as a statement of intent for the new module, lets hope I do it all because it sounds exciting!

As I move my practice forward into the next module, it continues to beg the question. “What is it that makes a house a home?” This is what I want my main focus to lean towards in the coming months. I am fascinated with the home. In the previous module it was evident to see my passion for the subject area; this is a strength which will continue through to the next module. Previously my focus was on the privacy of one’s home. This notion is something I haven’t laid to rest yet, I am still very much interested in the seclusion of the home, texts found in Rachel Whiteread’s house I hope will further these ideas.

As well as privacy I am going to be considering the question; what is it that makes a house a home? I am interested in whether it is the material objects that create the homeowners identity?  Whether objects, furnishings and wall coverings make a house cosy and if these things are needed to make it someone’s sanctuary? Is it the people inside the home, the memories that are made there? Both Michael Raedecker and George Shaw have the ability to create the sense of human presence in their work without using any figures in their images. This is something which I aspire to recreate within my work. I do not want to include any figures in my work just create their presence.

From artists Simryn Gill and Rashid Rana’s work I have thought about using grids within my work. Both street and floor plans are set to some form of grid structure; this could be something I consider when displaying my work. From feedback in tutorials I have been advised to refine my painting technique. I want to carry on working with this media, possibly working on a bigger scale or repeating smaller images using print, screen printing or dry point. I want to work with layering paint creating thick images reflecting the layers of paint put on walls of houses again and again.

The main media areas I want to use are paint, sound and installation. From supernormal I still have a fascination with what sound descriptions can do. I want to work with descriptions of the home and see how they can benefit my practice. I want to break out of my comfort zone and create some 3D pieces involving recycled furniture, possibility casting, experimenting with scale, making models of houses and furniture. Artists such as Robert Therrian, Anna Barriball and Mona Hatoum I think will be of great interest to me when considering sculptural ideas. I want to have fun with the sculptures; I have been considering playing with the child like imagination of what a home is, for example making dens and Wendy houses. I want to make something on a large scale that viewers can interact with, like Mary Kelly’s Multi-Storey House or Robert Therrian’s Transparent Room.