Not to worry though

I’ve started some work today/yesterday! Got my act together and decided to get myself back in the college mode and get up early, and just get some work done and it’s been really good today. Faced some fears and went to check out some different areas. Started some casting today! Started with a little house then after putting Plasticine into all the nooks and cranies of the bigger one I made a mould for that one. Must remember for the silicone, work out 10%,then half that to get the 5% weight needed of the liquid. Really excited to see the casts i make  from this tomorrow hopefully! It would be amazing to see loads of the little ones!

I’ve also done some quick sketches which hopefully I can scan in, work with on photoshop and print out on acetate to create an image that looks like an x ray of a house.

Today has been good, been brainstorming about some ideas about starting some layered paintings too. Stop thinking and DO Rachel!