Layered Paintings

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, so with my “get up and go” attitude this week I decided to find some wood and get painting! I’ve used layers upon layers of paint and wallpaper repeated on top of one another. I have shown the layers forming by keeping at least one section of each layer on show. I am using emulsion paint, samples from wilkos that people use to paint the rooms in their house. The idea behind the layers is the layering of lives that occur on a wall in house. The layers of paint and wallpapers put on walls of houses again and again. As I was choosing my next colour, I was imagining the room that the colour provoked in my mind. I imagined the new people going into the home. I also thought about the decades of fashionable wall coverings; replacing each fashion over the next. I also imagined the life of child growing up, the changing wall coverings as they age; the baby room a yellow colour, a character wallpaper as they grow older, colours and styles representing their age. If I was to do a child’s room like this perhaps I could also include posters.

Whilst creating the piece I began to think about the names given to the paint colours. I’m considering using the name of one of the paint colours as a title for the piece. I am also considering/going to make another piece that will have different shades of green (or another colour) all in a row on a magnolia wall.  Showing the decisions made to create that perfect room. I also thought about creating a piece inspired my Jim Dine, but instead of drawing the paint brushes hanging them in the same way however using the actual paint brushes and having different colours still on the end of the brush. Need to wait till I’m finished using the brushes though!

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