Some Photography After Work

Yesterday I had a really inspiring lecture from painter called J.A Nicholls then went to an inspiring photography exhibition at The Malt Cross Gallery called YOU ARE HERE.

I felt  some of the ideas really connected with my practice from the exhibition:

  • The housing cliché fills our streets with a monotonous aesthetic. The mass production of the suburban house refines our economy.  As a culture, individuality is often seen as essential, expressed through our homes to avoid this cliché. We yearn to be different.”
  • A house reveals how it has been shaped and lived in over the years; my images turn ‘the ordinary’ into a stage in which invites the audience to have an insight into another person’s life.

I wanted to get out there and take some photographs today. I’d been looking at some of my old work, including the painting I did of “The Velvet Lounge”, an abandoned strip club. With this in mind, after work today I set out taking photographs of any abandonment/deterioration I saw. Here is the pick of my favourite ones of the day.

Following Nicholls lecture I’m considering working with some of the images using collage to create an almost surreal image then creating a painting from this. I might also use other images of houses and warp them together in a similar way.