Pyschogeography and Urban Emptiness

I’ve had such an inspiring day! I’ve been on a road trip to Walsall and Birmingham, visiting THE NEW ART GALLERY,Walsall. A fantastic art space, exhibiting a show I couldn’t wait to see called THERE IS A PLACE… It definitely lived up to my expectations! If not more. I gasped as I walked in and saw two huge canvases of George Shaw’s. I’m beginning to be his number one fan. I adore his work. I love how down to earth he is about it too. Every piece of work in the exhibition complemented one another. I fell in love with Laura Oldfield Ford and Graham Chorlton’s work. I loved the way Oldfield Ford used text and quirky font in her pieces, especially her use of dates. They reminded me of diary entries. I enjoyed that her work seemed less precious due to its frayed edges of the cartridge paper she used. What I liked about Chorlton’s work was his painting style. He uses acrylic, washed down and dripped down the canvas in areas; a paint style I have been missing and need to get back into!

I’ve had so many ideas today and felt confident about my practice and what I want to do. Create a human presence without the figures, nostalgia, memories, places that have importance to me, use diary entries, and take film photographs, collage, and get painting!

One last quote from George Shaw: “I paint the paintings of all the times and all the thoughts I lack the language to describe.”


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