Modern Britain

I’m feeling very “in the zone” right now.

I have just finshed watching the entire series of The Perfect Home; a series on 4oD presented by Alain de Botton.  It has made me think about the way in which we view our homes in Britain and how we design them. We are scared of Modernism, in our new housing developments we resort back to Georgian designs. I think we feel we are honouring our culture and heritage but really we are just being nostalgic and we are scared of change. From watching the program I learnt that this fear has come from the terrible modernist designs that went into development in the 1960’s. I’m scared of Modernism. I won’t even get a touch screen phone, but Alain made a good point: we have all the choice in the world about what goes in our home or what type of music we like or what clothes we like but when it comes to our house, housing developments give us very similar options.

Modern architecture focuses on light, freedom, outside but inside, large rooms and open planning. Developments tend to be box rooms, boxing us in. We don’t talk to our neighbours and stay in our box within our house. With this in mind I want to use my casts first of all to represent the types of materials used in different eras for example plaster and resin. The clear resin will reflect the openness of modern housing and plaster with represent the ugly functionality of 60’s architecture. I then want to create a traditional style house made from cardboard with mini boxes within; showing what I previously mentioned about boxed in rooms.

What I also took from the program is the nostalgic way both Britain and me personally view homes. After seeing the There is a place… exhibition and now watching this series, I want my drawings and paintings to both record my life how it is now, using diary entries, dates, houses I’ve lived in and routes I have taken time and time again. But at the same time I want to create work that questions modern society and provokes peoples opinions on how we live our life in our homes today.