It was last Thursday, but haven’t had chance to write yet, I wanted to quickly mention my visit to Liverpool with mum. I saw some fantastic work. Went to the Liverpool TATE, The Bluecoat and The Walker. I’d seen both the Tate and The Walker last year but it was nice to go there again with a new perspective and with more knowledge of my practice.

At the Tate I picked up on work I’d previously glanced over, for example Julian Opie’s You See An Office Building and Thomas Demand’s Zeichasall. Both pieces consider the look and style of the modern office building. I also enjoyed work by Gilbert and George, Kurt Schwitters’ Opened by Customs and Daniel Spoerri Daniel Issac Spoerri-Feinstein. Their works focus on identity; using postcards, collage and print. They provoked the feeling of nostalgia and a sense that a journey had taken place. This made me consider the possibility of using of collage and text within my work.

A quote I took away from the TATE was from Rachel Whiteread’s Untitled- Twenty Four Switches. She said “My works are very much connected with the body and with the human touch. Whether it’s my touch, or someone else’s, or a whole family’s touch, they are about (an object) that has been used.” This was a really inspiring quote for my practice.

TOBOPHOBIA was the fantastically named exhibition at the Bluecoat. Topophobia is an irrational dread of a certain place. Ten contemporary artists where exhibiting in the space considering this intriguing theme. Abigail Reynolds, Uta Kogelsberger, Emily Speed, Anne Eggebart and Polly Gould had the biggest impact on me. Particulary the unique sphere sculptures that mirrored beautiful landscapes by Polly Gould and the paintings by Anne Eggbart who considered the wonders of google earth. A brilliant exhibition!