Caging a House.

So I decided on the “Prison for the self in a space” idea, this is a quote from Mona Hatoum’s book Unhomely. I’ve decided if I do actually manage to make the cage in time this quote is going to be the name of the piece. Also if the cage doesn’t work out in time or I decide I don’t like it I have a Plan B- I’m going to display the cast on it’s own and call the piece. “The Solidification of Memory”

For now though I’m trying with the cage. This passage from my essay I hope explains it slightly:

Through her piece Globe I sense she translates these thoughts, the piece is the artist’s own height; linking it to be autobiographical, and the title gives it an obvious link to the world as a whole. The cage like structure becomes; “A prison for the self in a space” 2 The world as a prison. The word prison seems harsh but when put into context with my earlier thoughts for our yearning of security; it then becomes a protective case surrounding the world. Bachelard says “For our house is our corner of the world.”1 so perhaps our home is our prison; our protective barrier.

Our protective barrier. That’s what I want to get across. I have a feeling people will see it to be much more sinister than that. But in a way I also want them to consider that home isn’t always the idyllic place we picture it. For some it’s a place of work, conflict or even a place of entrapment.

So as for the making of the cage, a few sparks flew from the soldering clamp machine. So I moved on to the soldering iron. Back to year 9 systems! I’m making some progress and hopefully get more done tomorrow, I’ve also made another cast of the house, hoping this will be even better!