Exhibition on Monday!

So with just one week to go, and I’m working at the coffee shop 3 days of it, the pressure is on. A few ideas came to me on Saturday that I’ve been pondering. I felt after my tutorial my strengths lied in the casts I’ve been making so wanted to use these within my piece. I’d originally wanted to do 3 casts of the larger house, in plaster, resin and something else which I hadn’t decided on yet. I’d hoped they would reflect the ideas I was having about the development of Britain’s housing. The plaster representing the concrete structures knocked up in post war 60’s. The resin representing modern glass design we see in modern houses today. (This idea stemmed from “The Perfect Home” program on 4oD I watched.)

Another idea was based on the smaller houses, I wanted to make loads of them and put them all inside a suitcase with the lid open. I wanted each house to represent the memories of a particular house and with them being in a suitcase this would encourage the viewer to see the houses/memories as something that you take with you each time you move house. The problem I faced with this was the time I had, with only one mould I would never have enough time to make as many as I wanted.

I started thinking of other ideas that meant adding to the house itself. I considered making a resin house placing something inside it, possibly engraving a quote from my essay onto it, painting it gold to act as a trophy, placing in on a pillow or wrapping it in a blanket.

All the ideas were based on my presenting context essay and one notion I talked of in my essay was seeing the world as a “prison for the self in a space” This I felt could be a controversial take on the “humble house.” I decided to create a cage around the cast!