The Pink House

Even though the exhibition is over I wanted to have one more experiment with the house, using resin this time! It’s something I’d wanted to try out with the mould, I wanted to create a transparent house at first but I found out this was a more complex process. So I chose a pink ish colour to experiment with. I built up the wall of resin by swishing the solution I’d made around the mould getting it into every nook and cranny until the mixture began to solidify. (Quiet a lengthy process) I filled the remainder of the mould with a mixture of resin and resin thickener. The following day I released them from the mould so find a very impressive cast! Before I started making the piece I had imagined in my head that the resin would create a cloudy light pink or be transparent with a tinge of pink. This wasn’t the end result though but at least the pink isn’t too garish. I’m not sure which medium I prefer more, but the plaster casts are much easier to manipulate! It wasn’t an easy task to sand down to plastic. Every time I sanded one part down I felt the sander scratch another area which I didn’t want to be scratched. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t sand the roof more to remove the seal there. Anyway the lucky owner of this piece is Aimee Walker as we are doing an art swap tomorrow! I get a piece of her work in exchange for one of mine. Hope you like it Aimee!

Tomorrow I’m also going to photograph the resin cast placed on top of a pillow. I want to make it a contrast to “The Prison for the Self in Space,” thinking about the alternate ideas in my Presenting Context essay that the home is a place of safety and comfort. The pink rosy colour gives the impression of an idyllic home and the pillow makes the house a place of comfort. I’m thinking of calling this piece “Always in our Daydreams, the House is a Large Cradle;” a play of words using the pillow as a mixed idea of sleep and comfort. The quote come from Bachelard’s The Poetics of Space and features in my essay.