I wish I had written about Lisbon earlier! I visited the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal way back on the 15th June for 5 days with my amazing friends. I want to share some of the photographs I took there and note down the ideas I got from both the Gulbenkian art gallery I visited and also the old family photographs I bartered for on the flea market. The photos albums were amazing. I knew I wanted to use them in some form of art work when I saw them. They had an eerie feel to them, they told a story of a family or families which I never knew and never will know. Their life stories for €5. They are a mixture of colour and black and white photographs, some even with writing on the back. Some of my friends commented on them saying they felt cursed. I particularly like the different sizes, the joy, one where the people in the photo are not looking at us but something in the crowd. Passport photos with stamps on the back, children with the recognisable Lisbon city in the background. Identity cards, the use of pattern edges, a house with people popping out each window. I want to do so much with these photographs. I have a feeling I will make them feel too precious though and not want to experiment with them I need to break through that. In a small gallery just outside the castle I saw some paintings which I really liked and wanted to re create them using my photographs of the city and possibly incorporate the photographs from the albums, incorporating them within the painting like a collage. The paintings used thick acrylic paint, I loved the style and I really want to experiment with this using my images.

At the Gulbenkian I really enjoyed the paintings on wood, they were something I related to. I also really liked, looking back at the photographs and reflecting on my current living situation in a caravan, I think the caravan with the suitcases really reflects my life right now, the travelling and my life in a suitcase. This has reminded me of some of the ideas I discussed in my tutorial at the end of the year. I need to take photographs of the caravans on site here; their “mini homes/holiday homes” Iceland homes. (everything in mini.)

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