Yesterday finally went down to the lake to do some painting! All summer I have been meaning to, but kept putting it off. I’m so glad I did it though. It was really good to just sit at my favourite place by the lake and paint what I saw in front of me! I used my life draw skills but also enjoyed not feeling too precious about the outcome, just seeing what happened, experimenting with colours and rubbing dirt into the paper. I wanted them to be quite messy like Laura Oldfield Ford’s drawings however I used a fine liner instead of biro; enjoying the smudge effect the watercolour had on the fine liner marks. Originally in one of the paintings I was only going to use half the A4, but whilst painting I decided why not extend the image by extending the lake, I did the opposite with the next painting and extended the sky. What I most enjoyed about painting in the great outdoors was using water straight out the lake to dip my paint brush into! It felt very artistic!