Here goes 2nd year!

This is my statement of intent, which once I get my act together, I’m going to get into the studios and start making what I have proposed here! As well as reading all the books from my bibliography to keep me going..

“Within my practice I focus on the notion of the home, what it is to create a home, the nostalgia based there, the layering of lives that form there and the privacy and security that that space gives us. This passion is something which I hope to extend to an even wider basis as I move into second year. It was whilst I was in Amsterdam that I saw an exhibition by the Dutch artist Erik Kessels that I began to consider the growing extinction of the family photo album. The album carries inside it all the notions of nostalgia, privacy and the layering of lives. I want my practice to consider life inside the home. The celebrations and in particular those moments that are captured by camera. I want to explore the notion of privacy, and how as we move on from the photo album era and into a digital and online age, how this affects our privacy. We no longer hide inside the album; we now create our own online presence which we carefully edit to suit the lifestyle we want to portray.

Kessels explains that the photo album has the ability to provide a condensed yet meaningful record of a life from birth to death. The photo album used to be something that was always there to look at in a family home, but as we are now a digital age we no longer feel the need to carefully create a loving album to share with generations to come. Facebook and other such sites have taken over. Within my practice I want to delve into the making of photo albums, create my own, create scrapbooks, use text, dates and memorabilia.

As well as my own photographs I want to use found photographs, some of which I found on a flea market in Lisbon. I was amazed that I could pick up two albums; buy their life story, for just five Euros. I want to include these images in paintings of Lisbon city; incorporate the images into the painting, those lives were a part of the city. I want to use thick paint, really merge the photos and paint together. Collage and mixed media is something I really want to experiment with this year, using print and also resin to strengthen and create a shine on painting/collages. In Kessels exhibition the scale of images was so widespread, I want my paintings and collages to be varied sizes not restricted to a small scale. Touching on the work of Pak Sheung Chuen I would also like to include an interactive element into my work. Make the audience feel part of the work.

In Bilbao I saw David Hockney’s latest work, he had a contrary view to Kessels; he emphasized the difficulty he has found with the photograph being more apparent and there being less need for the medium of paint. He expressed a view that we are a generation who see the world through a lens. He believes there is a “bigger picture” there is more to see than the rectangle of photograph we see. He tries to create an extensive viewpoint, which is something I want to input into my practice. Hockey’s exhibition made me consider whether there is a need for painting anymore, extending this to then consider the need for a physical copy of a photograph. In years to come the hard copies and the paintings will still be around, but when sites go down and computer hard drives wipe, what will become of those precious captured moments?”