Facebook Stalking

As well as the painting, I’ve been doing a lot of research considering the privacy of our images on the internet on sites such as Flickr and Facebook. The artist I saw in Amsterdam; Erik Kessels, had an exhibition previous to Album Beauty called 24 Hrs in Photos. What an amazing exhibition! What he did was print off all the images uploaded onto the net in a 24 hour period and put them all in the exhibition space at FOAM gallery creating an avalanche of images. I particularly liked the interactive element his work has! You could physically wade through the images! This made me think about how easy it is to access the private photos of strangers on the internet now. So I started invaded peoples lives! I clicked from friend to friend to friend on facebook so that in the end I had no idea who that person was. I then clicked on their photo albums, some were private, but most I could access so easily! I began saving these images trying the method friend to friend to friend to get more images, I saw the child just been born, I saw proms, I saw a man in a mankini, I saw family Christmases. Precious private images I could access so easily! Here’s some of the images I found: