I’ve definitely been slacking on the blog front at the moment! I really need to get my act together! I started this painting a while back now, FINALLY got round to starting the Lisbon painting I had been thinking about since JUNE! I decided to stretch some canvas, which is a change from my usual base of wood or cardboard I tend to go for. I found that with the canvas it didn’t allow me to spread and drip the paint as much as a usually like to; which was a disadvantage. I also found it difficult to paste the images onto the canvas- I think I need to use something better than PVA! So far I am enjoying the piece though. The idea was that I included the photograph I was using to create the painting and place it within the painting. Making the point that photography is very widely used to supplement paintings but is often shunned by painters. I also have gradually added the images which I found in the photo albums in Lisbon. They are part of the city so I wanted to include them in the painting. I like the images in the painting however I’m considering perhaps less is more. Also when dragging paint over the image it is hard to know when to stop and when too little of the image is showing. I want to carry on with this continuing to layer the paint and include the bridge detail. A palette knife would definitely come in handy it I was to carry on in this style.