So what now?

Going crazy on the blog posts today! I had a lot of catching up to do!  So what do I plan on doing next with all these ideas? Well last week I went on a bit of a charity shop and collected some more vintage photographs, some vintage photo albums, and also a flick through album. I hope these will help with some of the ideas I’m having currently. I hope to merge both the vintage album with modern day images to force the viewer to consider our change of habits in photography. I’m going to create flick through albums with all the images on one Facebook album, an album of a stranger,  take care to put them in the albums, perhaps use the text included in comments etc. Put the funny Facebook title on the front very formal. I’ve been thinking about bringing a sofa into the studio to create a homely setting and then placing side by side above the sofa a mass of framed images. This will hopefully pose the question as to whether or not all the images we take are as precious as we think. Would we frame and have in our homes every picture we put on facebook? That is just a few things I’ve been thinking about! Need to do a snapfish order pronto! Also just to point out the vintage images are quite large so I have placed my A5 sketchbook next to them to show the size. These images might become part of a painting, maybe?