What’ve you had for your tea?

Another obsession I’m beginning have, now I’ve begun to Facebook stalk to the extreme, is the amount of images people put up online of their tea/dinner! (I do this too I’m very hypocritical!) The question my work is beginning to ask, on a basic level, is whether or not there is any need for the medium of paint now the world of photography has become so accessible? The question I asked in my presenting context presentation was whether; if the 11th century man had had the means to take a photograph rather than spend painstaking hours on a painting would he have opted for the camera? It is an interesting question because obviously even now in the 21st Century artists still prefer the medium of paint. By painting an image make it more valuable? This is another question I am throwing around in my work. So flipping this again I then I ask the question; if we did not have the means to photograph our dinner/tea so easily would we then sit down and create a painting of  it?