Some references I felt needed writing down so I wouldn’t forget:

  • Audrey Flack
  • Sigrid Holmwood
  • Geoff Ltherland
  • Max Doerner: Materials of the artist BOOK.
  • Edgar Martins: This is not a House,
  • Daniela Gullotta- Paints over photographs!
  • Ryan Trecartin- DENS
  • George Clarke- Channel 4 Architect, George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.
  • Paula Dawson- No place like Home. ILLUSION.
  • Burning with Desire: The Conception of Photography BOOK
  • Paul Graham- Photographer
  • Cat Fish- FILM
  • David Salle- Hyper Realism painter. Collage like his paintings.
  • Nick Gentry- paints over floppy disks.
  • Jessica Stockholder- Interactive.
  • Virgil Marti- It is home design is it art?
  • Jorge Pardo- got commissioned to build his own house!