What’s the point of Painting if you can just take a Photograph?

As a response to my painting workshop I’ve created a hybrid of my own. I have used the references I took to the workshop- Turner and Shaw and used them as a basis. I have also incorporated the notion that my practice is questioning: Whether or not there is any value in painting when photography is so easily accessible? By including a photograph I hope to ask this question. I have extended the image beyond the photograph; creating an extensive viewpoint? I think including the image in this painting has been a lot more successful than the Lisbon painting. I feel those images got lost in the painting, where as with this one I feel it has blended in well. I have tried to use a Turner style sky within the painting. I also used wood, getting back to a surface I really enjoy working on, much better than canvas in my opinion. Also I thought I couldn’t paint skies! Not a bad attempt I don’t think!