I was just about to put a blog post up about the painting I have been working on in the last week when my house mate asked me to watch a film with her. It’s a film that someone suggested I watch after I gave my presenting context presentation a few weeks ago. It’s the film: CATFISH. What a film! So relevant to my current practice and has really got me thinking about some ideas I’d had not long ago.

In the film we follow the real life story of, at first we are lead to believe, an 8 year girl who paints and becomes friends with the narrator of the film who is a photographer. The narrator is spun a web of lies which goes on for over 8 months as he becomes friends with what he believes is an entire family, forming a romantic relationship with the little girls’ 19 year old sister. That’s a brief description trying not to give too much away!

The film explores the role of social networking and the extent at which fantasy can become reality through the means of the web. The online world is indeed a world of its own; separate world from reality. You can put anything up there real or not. You can access a world of information about others. Create an entirely different person from yourself online. Whether it’s making an entirely different self or maybe just an improved self, only the good points?

The film was so well made, it made we think about the internet the whole way through, through snippets of Google maps, Google maps arrows and finding houses through Google maps and being able to find information about people and events all so easily. There was one part of the film where a physical letter was sent between the two people. This got me thinking about the physicality of a photograph again.

So think this may mean I might be making something new for my show and listen tomorrow! Revert back to the facebook vintage photo album.