Creating an Extensive Viewpoint

So I did want to write about the painting I’ve been working on over the last week. Continuing on from the painting workshop, I’ve been experimenting with what it means to put painting and photography together. Asking if painting has more value to the viewer than a photograph does. The image I have chosen is of Lisbon city, Portugal. The photograph was taken by me; it’s a view from the castle. I have created the rest of the image from memory and imagination. I think the colour represents the vibrancy my memory has from city and how colourful I felt it was. The imaginary viewpoint extends from the work I have seen recently of Hockney. I have tried to extend the rectangle of the lens. Use my imagination to create an extensive viewpoint.

I’m also very excited to say that this piece will be featuring in the exhibition “Anti Factory” this Thursday at Divine Coffee House. I think the focus of the exhibition (wondering if art involving a lengthier time in making has more value) has definitely had an impact on my making because those buildings took FOREVER to paint. So was it worth it? Or could the photo on the painting be enough?