World Wide Web

World Wide Web was a piece I showed for the show and listens last Thursday. The group interrogating the piece gave some good feedback. They questioned the vintage album style, they attempted to follow the narrative forming from the photos. I liked how the piece became interactive with the viewer, something I want my work to carry on doing, getting the audience involved in my work, making them explore. They questioned the relationship, me as the artist, had with person in the images. In fact I had no relationship, this woman is a complete stranger to me. (note to you all- but your images on private!) It was suggested I make a multitude of these albums or a multitude of images in one album bursting with images. This will reinforce the ideas forming about the amount of images we all put online. They suggested, which I had been considering beforehand, using text in the album to give even more details about the life of these people. This is something I need to experiment with. What was interesting that someone thought perhaps I had Googled my name, and this was another Rachel Fenwick, I hadn’t thought about this at all! This could be something I further in my practice. An artist suggested was Jenifer Mills, her piece What’s  in a Name? could be very interesting!

There was a lot of negative feedback about the choice of plinth which in all honesty I agreed with.  It was suggested perhaps a shelf or a more homely setting like a sofa could be used more effectively. The plinth made it too formal, almost like a sculptural object. In the future the staging needs to be considered a lot more.