Moment of Clarity

Note from my journal when I had a moment earlier today:

Just having a think about my practice, how I’m feeling, I’m trying to think of ways to define it. Human activity? The spaces we inhabit? Trying to find links. Privacy is a key issue. I feel painting v photography was an important question to ask in my practice. I needed to ask it to further my making process. I don’t even feel like I fully resolved it but it felt right to ask it. The home is still very much at the forefront of of my thoughts. I am linking the role of Facebook into the privacy we no longer have, or have given away maybe. Layering of lives is very important to me which links to the vintage photographs and albums, they are ways of showing our existence. Facebook is a way of showing our existence. Records and archives do this too. Searching for people has always been possible it is just easier and more accessible now. 

Would also like to note the book i’m reading right now which is amazing, called Home by Julie Myerson. It tells the story of the all the people who ever lived in her 130 year old house in Clapham, London. All the personal stories which went on there and her voyage in finding them. Another great source is the BBC’s documentary Supersize World. What a program!  It makes you think about the 7 billion people that now live in the world and how we are all clustered together in such small areas.