Maurice’s Barn

In Grandad Maurice’s Barn today got crackin’ with an idea I’ve been thinking about for the exhibition! During my tutorial before Christmas I’d discussed the idea to make some form of keyhole whereby the viewer would peek through it and see into something. I haven’t decided what yet, a photo perhaps, a private image, lots of photographs maybe?

So yesterday I decided I needed a box where the keyhole would be on the outside to look into and inside there would need to be some form of lighting. Me and Grandad got building today; found a decent size box, (my ideal 30cm wide I planned yesterday,) and cut the small hole for the key hole. We screwed on the top, which can be screwed off to put in the photograph.

After much debate about the keyhole itself, no one believed that a keyhole was big enough to look through into the box. No one understood why I wanted people to have to bend down and squint to see inside. I want the viewer to feel like they are spying, being allowed to spy, seeing into the privacy of someone’s home, seeing their intimate moments.

Still lots more to do on the box. Paint the outside; gloss like a door, maybe red or my ideal door colour sort of a light green/turquoise colour. Decide the image inside, if it’s going to be one image, does it need a frame. What will the image be off? It needs to be a private moment or a home setting, a family just sat on the settee unaware of the camera, or an image of nudity perhaps. Then I need to think about the box’s setting in the studio. Put it on a plinth, maybe inside a plinth, the dream would be at the studio wall you could only see the keyhole and the box would sit behind it.