The Fictitious: Re-Present

Also wanted to share my excitement, to say that my piece World Wide Web was accepted and has recently featured in the Crocus Gallery Exhibition 16th January – 26th February: The Fictitious curated by Re-Present.

The link above is a review of the show by fellow Backliteer, in which she is very complimentary to my piece:

“Perhaps I missed the meanings behind quite a few of the visual works, but I was frequently at a loss as to how they connected with the concept of the fictitious. In my opinion, the three strongest works of the exhibition were World Wide Web by Rachel Fenwick, I Hate Writing by Lucy Orbell and Untitled by Kerry Burns.”

World Wide Web by Rachel Fenwick is a photo album containing the private photos of a stranger who chose to make her photo album publicly available on Facebook. The story told is not one that belongs to the teller. The arrangement of photos, and the inclusion of a few that weren’t, in fact, part of the original digital album, presents a partially fictionalised life sequence. The work also raises questions about the public and the private; whether by printing and pasting these photos into an album, the artist has somehow “stolen” privacy, even though the digital album was made publicly available. At what point does the truth of someone else’s life become fair game for the creative energies of a stranger? Can privacy be challenged when it’s being fictionalised? To what extent is it required to be altered before it’s no longer an invasion of privacy?”

I can’t say more than that really? Bryony summed it up pretty well for me there! I have to say it was a lovely feeling seeing people pick up the album and question it’s content. I got some fantastic comments on the night as well as a lovely Amaretto Hot chocolate!