Also wanted to write about really freezing Berlin! I went to Berlin thinking I was going to be overwhelmed with art and I would really love art again. Got to say- didn’t have that effect on me. On the whole I felt pretty much like Karl Pilkington the whole Holiday/Study Visit. It was very very cold, snowing and -7, so that didn’t help. I found Berlin very grey and overall pretty scary if I’m honest. I did see some pretty good art whilst I was there though so thought I would post the photos on here, along with references. I particularly liked the exhibition hosted at Hamburger, Bahnhof really enjoyed the work of Martin Honert, Gregory Schneider and Elmsgreen & Dragset.  Martin Honert’s work related fantastically well to the ideas I have had about memories and the photograph portraying these memories. This was particularly apparent in Group Photo of Prefects. I loved the photograph being brought to life into 3D form; it really emphasized the flatness the usual photograph has. It also bought home that even in its 3D form the moment is still. It is just a moment in time- one brief moment; these figures are still and stagnant. I’m glad I experienced Berlin, I learnt the history of a terrible time and I also experienced a pretty fantastic night out there too I guess!


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