Fine Art Degree

It’s pretty hard going doing a fine art degree. Going through a bit of hating the course/loving it at the same time over this last month. I have felt a bit lost lately on what I’ve been up to and where my work has been going. Been looking through my blog though and trying to not feel too stressed about it. I’ve actually done a lot this year, so I don’t need to put myself down. I have had my work in three public exhibitions, had my reviews published on Backlit’s website and began the amazing project with Future Artists Nottingham. So not bad at all Rach! Plus looking at the archives on here, the amount of work I did past March last year was amazing so just need to remember that and get cracking in the next few months! Here is my statement of intent which is to be set into motion as of now!! BACK TO THE HOME!

     During the next module I want to establish a clear focus within my practice. To allow my practice to move forward in a much more manageable way I know I need to break down what it is that really drives me and what it is that I am passionate about. I intend to keep to this focus point. During the previous module I was sporadic, exploring various notions regarding the need for painting in contemporary art and the obsessive need for photography in the digital age we live in. I now know that this was too much to take on. I am still questioning these notions, especially the digital age, and the reduction of privacy technology has meant for us. However the underlying passion of my practice has always been the home.
    Within my practice I intend to focus on the notion of the home, what it is to create a home, the nostalgia based there, the layering of lives that form there and the privacy and security that that space gives us. The layering of lives within a home is something that has become especially of interest to me whilst reading Julie Myerson’s book- home. She tells the stories of all the people who ever lived in the 130 year old house she lives in, in Clapham, London. It was of real interest to me to hear the repetition of lives, of celebrations and memorable moments that have all occurred in one house by numerous people and families. I want to explore various ways in which to respond to this- looking at Rachel Whiteread’s casts; especially, Untitled (Twenty-Four Switches), exploring the lives that have touched those walls, memories that have remained in those walls. I will use archives and microfiches in the library to explore the history of our homes. Also graduate from Trent: Adele Boden, is also someone of particular interest to me. She relates to previous ideas I have had about creating a piece using wallpaper layering the wallpaper to have the effect of the house itself. This is something I have attempted before but would like to do this much bigger and more authentic.
       Reading a book currently by Witold Rybczynski, I am learning the history and the functions of the house and home. I am exploring the historical, social and cultural differences the home as under gone over time. This knowledge I am hoping will allow my practice to explore the functions of the home and discover how a house becomes a home. Wider reading of Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space and Species of spaces and other pieces: by George Perec will also be useful here.  
        In terms of making I want to continue to develop work that the audience can interact with. I believe this can be done using installation and setups of actual rooms; an artist I saw in Berlin who relates well to this is Gregory Schneider and also Martin Honert. I also want to get back into casting, perhaps looking at creating model homes based on the paintings of Amy Casey. I need to make/draw/sketch/paint much more in this module as a means to develop my practice and to further ideas more rapidly. The exhibition piece needs to be much more resolved and experimented with to reach its full potential.