Over the Easter Holidays I managed to make a trip to Manchester Art Gallery; taking my cousin Sophie along for the ride for a nice day out too. To see my review of the very strange but brilliant Raqib Shaw Exhibition please give this a read-

Although a great exhibition to review it was the lower floor exhibition Dreams Without Frontiers that really connected to my practice. In particular the video by Cyprien Gaillard- The Smithsons. When viewing the piece, the silhouette of the couple in front of me transformed the piece, they romanticised it. Created an outline of beauty on the video. The video itself teamed with the music was slow paced and relaxing to watch. It featured the changing spaces of modern times. Focusing in on blocks of flats that many would regard as an eyesore. The slideshow of images contrast the flats to the  greenery along side them- trees, grass etc. The exhibition cleverly doesn’t give you a hand out explaining all the works but instead there is booklet full of honestly the most brilliant essays! To quote just a few- this one compares nature to the bleakness of a tower block or in this case an abandoned building- “The walls breath with lichen and moss.” The two come together in their abandonment- nature and man made. From the same essay by Andrew Anderson- “A building is straight lines, dryness smooth surfaces. These things do not occur naturally. Walls are painted continuous colour, or covered with patterned paper. Nature has patterns but they are chaotic and have fuzzy edges. ” A brilliant quote I think!

The booklet is filled with essays talking of Manchester, the idea of utopia living and overall the idea of place and how much that effects us! Something I am very excited about.