121 Tutorial

So much to catch up on the blog here! It’s been a whirlwind these last two weeks. First of all want to mention a great tutorial with my tutor,  in previous tutorials I have found it difficult to get my point across. I can now reflect that this was due to the lack of knowledge I had on my practice in the previous module. I feel I have come to a stage in my practice whereby I am focused. This focus was a clear aim at the start of the module and I think my tutor picked up on this huge leap forward within my work and my focus.

The main discussion was concerned with the forthcoming exhibition piece. I explained that the exhibition piece is to be a magnolia board 1m squared, with two empty frames in the left hand corner, a shelf with personal objects at the bottom right- including a lamp which will follow on from the previous show and text piece. Then all I have just discussed will be coated in a layer of magnolia paint. As I explained the piece it was the moment at which I said I was going to paint everything magnolia that really excited Gerry. He felt that this was a huge step forward for my practice and could see a huge potential for the idea to transform and for me to run with it- “Unifying surfaces by painting them an identical colour promises a new body of effective works.” He felt that by painting the objects magnolia I removed myself from having to try too hard to replicate reality.

After the tutorial I felt positive that I had established a really key idea through this piece.  The idea of erasing pasts and erasing memories. The piece does this by showing when someone moves into a house they remove the previous layer and create an empty shell. They paint it all magnolia.