Nando’s Menu Art!

Menu11I think it is only right that I do a blog post on the amazing success that is my winning Nando’s Menu!

I entered the competition way back in December not thinking much to my chances of winning, and here I am in June the artist of the Nando’s menu right across the UK! I cannot say how excited and amazed I am to have this fantastic opportunity.

The menu art itself was inspired by vintage photo albums which I found on a flea market whilst on holiday in Lisbon last summer. The black and white image I used on the menu photographs two young children with the city of Lisbon behind them. The black and white image portrays the city as faded and dull. The Lisbon I saw was vibrant with colour. I wanted to represent the bright colours of reds and oranges that I saw on all the roofs of Lisbon, by using paint to surround this image I reflected this vibrancy.

Amazingly when I picked up the images on that flea market I had a feeling they were going to be important! Have a read of this blog post from July last year You can see the original albums and I actually wrote:

“The photos albums were amazing. I knew I wanted to use them in some form of art work when I saw them.” 

“They had an eerie feel to them, they told a story of a family or families which I never knew and never will know. Their life stories for €5.”

and you can see the original photograph I used for the menu here

Thank you again to everyone’s support and congratulations! If you haven’t seen the article on both the Nando’s Website and also the article from the Lancashire Telegraph feel free to have a read!