Chelsie Purdue

So next on the list of Blogging is the wonderful Chelsie Purdue. I had the great pleasure in helping out this lovely lady with her degree set up before I finished for the summer. It was a fantastic experience helping out; I learnt some valuable skills and got some great advice in the process. I approached Chelsie after seeing her work at the Backlit show GLOSS, I thought that work looks bloody good and it relates so well with my current practice! I soon found that we both had pretty similar interests in our practice and began advising good books to one another. When I asked Chelsie if she would like a hand with her degree show she was more than happy to accept. Note to self gain helpers early on! You will need them Rachel! Creating a degree show on your own is impossible.

DOTS were the main task involved in Chelsie’s degree show setup. We were set to attach a multitude of tiny acrylic laser cut dots, less than 1cm in size, to the wall using some super strong glue- an extremely fiddly job! Each dot had to be in the exact right place but luckily we devised a template for that. Each dot formed a beautifully designed, by the artist herself, acrylic wallpaper setup. The wallpaper used intricate pattern detail and central to the design was an image of a stag. The wallpaper possessed a grandeur furthered by the use of the stag and the impeccable design. The white on white feel Chelsie envisioned felt contemporary with a clean finish. Although I wasn’t a part of the table design, accept from maybe helping with the carrying on delivery, I feel I should also mention that there was also a table, designed again by the artist herself, involved in the piece. The table also portrayed a stag figure; the table legs being that of a stag. The table also stood at irregular height. For most the table was at head height. Chelsie had hoped that the viewer would almost feel like a child when approaching the table, Placed on the table were a handmade set of golden cutlery, finely detailed with animal heads. The whole set design had a certain “don’t touch” effect- a show room of design

So just a quick reminder to self for future reference seeing many of the 3rd years in crisis at the last minute.

  • Try not to make something too fiddly.
  • Think about the TIME allowed in making- something less time consuming and manageable.
  • Stick to what you know Rachel.
  • PLAN, research prior, experiment prior- work on something that went well.
  • Plan time to the day leading up to degree show set up.
  • Gain help from lower years early.
  • Gain lots of feedback from tutors.

Easier said that done I know!

On the last note would like to say thank you for your wonderful company Chelsie, and our endless conversations about life whilst dotting. You made me think outside the box on future career plans and inspired me for next year. Wishing you all the luck in your future!