Having a Wander about Town.

So who says watching breaking bad can’t be research? Love the screen shots I took of the scene of the newly married couple, expecting child, looking around their potential new home. I loved the emptiness ready for potential. Knowing all I know that has gone on in that house too. A whole life. Their whole life under that roof. Also just a few photos of my studio space, feeling at home there. Really like the table I have this year. I also have a lot of wall space which I really need to make use of. And just a couple of notes from old note books- a bit of previous knowledge/encouragement. The other images are photographs I took having a wander round town to get some inspiration. I went into the Heart Foundation furniture and electrical store. There were a lot of potential cheap furniture items that I could use for making which I photographed. I really liked that old wardrobe I could see it all stripped back and sanded down to its bare state. And I also sneaked into the back room while no one was looking to get these photographs, which I find kind of sad, all those unwanted items, those slumped up mattresses with no home. I really like these images, they express what I’m trying to say about those unwanted items, the possessions we leave behind.

6 thoughts on “Having a Wander about Town.

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