100th Blog Post!

I wish I had something really special to post about on my 100th blog post, I don’t have anything majorly special unfortunately! But got to crack on with the Blogging!  Would like to thank everyone who takes the time to read my crazy thoughts and my constant obsession with the home. Thank you!

So on Thursday actually got myself back in the studio! It was really good to get making again! Just trying a few things out and playing with a few ideas. I first decided to re-work a cast I made way back in 1st year, it’s a silicone mould used to make a  plaster cast of a miniature house. I started playing around with the cast, chipping away at it. This chipping away meant a build up of plaster excess began to surround the house. This reminded me of Lara Almarcegui’s piece from the Venice Biennale. It really dealt with this idea of the fragility of our homes. The way the front steps just fell off like that. It also reminded of some photos I took the other day similar to Almarcegui’s work. The rumble, the fragility, “the past forever expunged from the present”. What I also like about making this piece was the making of the material- plaster. Got a real satisfaction creating the right consistency, it also has a massive relevance personally- as my dad is a plasterer. It’s a real important part when building a home. I think there might be something special here with my use of plaster. Rachel Whiteread is also a massive lover of the material too! Also wanted to mention (photo below) Matta Clark, an artist I found recently. Another great reference here.