So the next step was; using paint and varnish remover, de-stain the telephone table! Covering the object with the varnish remover I then left it for 30 minutes. I came back to see a remarkable melting state of the varnish! It had such a great effect! Although I loved that process and that remnant of the varnish, I wanted to see that true underneath, strip it right back! So I began scouring away at the wet varnish- I only managed to do the top on Thursday but need to get it all bare next week! I began to worry about what the end result would be? How will it look? Why have I removed all that human presence? Am I not interested in the traces they leave behind? I really like this as an experiment and reminded myself of the earlier magnolia piece I made last year- removing the past resident with a thick layer of magnolia paint. Like that piece and like when one moves from a home, I’m using this object as a metaphor for the stripping back of a home when that new resident comes in. I began thinking more and more about this whilst in the studio and I feel my next step after the table might be to try and create a similar set up like last year. Create the piece- take photos, they cover again in magnolia. BUT have the image of BEFORE next to space. Still unsure of what I’m saying with all this but that’s the next mission.