Rotations, Zimoun @BACKLIT

I had the great pleasure to see Zimoun’s- Rotation exhibition at Backlit this Friday just gone. Zimoun is described in the info provided as a “Swiss sound architect”, a phrase which I love! It perfectly describes the scene I walked into, into the installation of Rotations. The entire room was filled with a multitude of cardboard boxes, all the same size and height, they were all covered in the same box tape. Identical in their appearance; their movements were their individuality. Because indeed every one of the cardboard boxes had inside it a motor which allowed the box to move on its axis. The boxes jiggled around franticly as if they had something inside them bursting to get out, or they had a personality of their own and all they wanted to do was move, almost dance. As the audience we were allowed to walk in and out of these boxes watching their movements, our eyes trying to follow their quickness. We question the reality of the space. How can these boxes be moving? The constant buzz of the motors act as a reminder of the reason behind their movements but also becomes a constant hum; sending you into a trace with these boxes.


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