D.I.Y Wallpapering

Onto the next mission today! I posted in an earlier blog post my future plan of action;  “I feel my next step after the table might be to try and create a similar set up like last year. Create the piece- take photos, then cover again in magnolia. BUT have the image of BEFORE next to space.” So today I began the process of building a new set up or “setting” as I have started calling them (Lee Kit, an artist from the Venice Biennale, describes his installations this way.)

So my first ever attempt at wallpapering today, without my Grandma Jean, who after today’s experience I have to say is the master of wallpapering! It wasn’t bad for a first attempt- but it you could tell I was pretty amateur. There was a fair few bumps, which all came from me struggling with the pattern matching up! However on the whole I’m pretty impressed with it and had fun doing it! Was pleased to finally get wallpapering in the studio. Might have to do more in the future. Get some more practice!

I’m excited to get creating set-ups/settings now! I’ve got the backdrop, now I just need to add the objects. I’ve thought about one setting, a hallway with coats, a table and lamp combo, plus a couple of pictures/photos maybe? Then takes photographs of the setting. Keep these photos then go over the whole set up in a thick layer of magnolia paint. There is a possibility of filming the process of me painting over the setting. I want to show the magnolia piece alongside the original photograph or film. If the magnolia paint isn’t so successful I might want to try stripping back the scene, taking away the majority of the objects leaving the holes in the walls of photo frames and scrapping away the wallpaper? See how that looks compared to the magnolia piece.