The Home of Stephen Bradley

I think it is about the right time to mention some photographs which I’ve had in my possession for a while now. The work I’m coming back to is directly related to work I began at the end of 2nd year, this work has a lot of relevance to a sorry occasion for my boyfriend; Louis Bradley. At the start of this year his wonderful Granddad; Stephen Bradley, passed away. Louis was kind enough to take some photographs of his Granddad’s house during the emptying process of his possessions. I didn’t ask for these photographs, so it was interesting to see what Louis chose to take photos of. I really enjoy those few left over items still remaining. There are more images but these are the ones I’ve selected that really identify the emptiness the home now portrays. The work I’m starting now comments on this house, but it also comments on all houses when they lay empty; void of human presence.  I’m interested in the movement of one home to the next. The gap in between when the house stands empty.  It’s interesting to me to think about the choices we make in the possessions we chose to take with us and the ones we leave behind. By covering found objects in a thick layer of magnolia paint I’m removing the remnants of a time gone by. I want to use Louis’ images to create a piece. Possibly frame one or two of my favourite images. The piece will be titled as is the name of this Blog post- The Home of Stephen Bradley.

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