Grandma’s Ornaments

Now along with those fitted wardrobes I spoke of earlier, my grandma also left behind a hell of a lot of ornaments at her old house. My grandma is well known for her huge collection of ornaments, she has them everywhere- around the TV, in the bathroom, kitchen- everywhere. She was determined she wasn’t going to take them all with her to the new house, so I asked her to put aside all the ones she was going to throw away for me. I was unsure of what I wanted to do with them, artists like Lisa Selby and Ruth Claxton have been big influences here. See previous blog posts: and

I’m really interested in these ornaments. These objects have been of such high importance to my grandma and now she chooses to cast them aside. So strange! I had somewhat of a brainwave on the train coming back to Nottingham about this next stage of work. Firstly bleaching these figures- see how that goes. Leave just the eyes? Silent witnesses! And also I have a few ideas concerning plinths. Taking these ornaments out of their context- the home, felt really strange, what would it be like when I put them in a gallery setting? What would it be like if I wallpapered plinths bringing back some of the context? Could I continue this plinth idea with other home objects?