Magnolia Fun

In the previous post I mentioned that my next step was to begin wallpapering the plinth, which is what I started today! Before I set to work on the wallpapering though I thought I would experiment with magnolia paint again! Since the In Every Dwelling piece I’ve really felt the need to re-create the notion of glossing over a time gone by, and erasing the past with a layer of magnolia paint.  I really enjoy the work I produce in this way! I began with the task of painting over the  blue plinth changing it to magnolia. Placing the ornament, as it was, just on top of the magnolia plinth I felt just wasn’t enough. So I began to paint the ornament magnolia too, then furthering this painting method to just dunking it into the paint pot! I loved it! The way it dripped with paint and the way in which you could almost make out the face but not quite. The dunking process meant the bottom half of the ornament wasn’t covered completely with the paint, just the dripping. It wasn’t intentional, I had originally wanted to dunk the whole figure but seeing it this way there was something I liked about seeing some of the previous form; emphasized a time gone by!