Back in the studio today to check on the drying process! As its dried it’s captured all the details! I think it’s fantastic! I had a chat with my lovely friends today to see what they thought about the piece and what they think my next step should be. Surprisingly they liked it just how it was! They liked the white wallpapered plinth. I mentioned that I was thinking of painting over the wallpaper in the hope that this would portray what I’m implying with the figure- that time gone by. Helen said it looked like I’ve already gone over it WITH the white wallpaper so maybe that’s the idea. From this discussion and seeing the piece dry on the plinth today I’ve decided I like it too much just the way it is. So I will show this next week and see how people perceive it. Now I just need a title! Suggestions were made for Grandma or my Grandma’s name Kathleen but I feel this is too personal. Perhaps that title I used for the emptying process of my grandma’s house: The Home of Nobody? I want imply this time gone by, but without making the audience think of the objects in terms of fashions of the home, which I feel could happen with such a simple title.