Just one more quick blog post about a new potential idea for the new year! Yesterday had a great lecture by tutor- Andy Pepper. He’s got a keen interest in holograms within art. The idea of using illusions/holograms really sparked something within my work. The phrases Andy Pepper was using to talk about these works were surprisingly relevant to my practice- “not there any more” and “trace of something that was there.” All words which have been continuing to crop up within my practice! The hologram seems to be the perfect tool to demonstrate that time gone by! The work will become impermanent. With the click of a switch the image I project will be gone. Could I project the image of a room onto a wall then as a projection this will be impermanent and as the projection turns off there is a magnolia wall as the background? Or I could wallpaper the wall which I plan to project on to? Lots of work to be done here but I like the idea behind it. Also a favourite piece of mine mentioned in a much earlier lecture by Andy Pepper- Paula Dawson- There’s no place like Home. Love it! Such great relevance here. http://nga.gov.au/exhibitions/Dawson/index.htm